Password necessarie - Zoom

Password necessarie - Zoom

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Required Passwords and your Zoom integration

To align with Zoom’s recent announcement pertaining to our 90 day security initiative, we will be requiring all previously, upcoming, and PMI meetings to require passwords to join meetings for Basic accounts on May 9th, and we will begin enforcing this for Paid accounts on May 30th.  Please note: To avoid service disruptions for your meetings, please read our Blog.

How this change impacts your integration and users: 

  • Within your account settings you will no longer be able to disable passwords for meetings. 

  • Meetings scheduled previously without a password will now require a password to join. A host can launch a meeting using the 'start_url' but attendees cannot join a meeting using the 'join_url' without a password.

  • Users who save join URLs without the password will not be able to join meetings unless they know the password.

For details on what actions you need to take to minimize any impact on your integration, please read our Required Password Blog to further learn how this change impacts your integration and how to inform your customers. 

We apologize for any inconvenience this change may have caused. Thank you for being our valued customer. 


Zoom Developer Advocacy Team